Hop Growers of Michigan
Hop Growers of Michigan3 days ago
Hop Growers of Michigan has implemented
the "Verified Source Program"

1.What is the HGM Verified Source program?
It’s a Quality and Food Safety program that is a subset of HGM’s overall Quality programs. It is owned and managed by the Hop Growers of

2.The focus is on following Industry Standards and Recommended Practices relative to producing a safe and consistent hop for use in consumable beverages.

3. What are the objectives of the program?

*To increase customer confidence in buying hops from HGM members with the Verified Source mark. This should result in increased market share and customer satisfaction.

*By following these practices there will be continuous improvement in quality, yields and consistency, resulting in improved market competitiveness.

*To educate growers and processors and aid them in meeting food safety regulations.
Hop Growers of Michigan
Hop Growers of Michigan
Hop Growers of Michigan4 days ago
Great little read...
Hop Growers of Michigan
Hop Growers of Michigan5 days ago
Thank you to those who have served and are still serving to protect the lives and freedoms that we are fortunate to enjoy. Thanks also to their families who often have to shoulder the burden of being without those loved ones.
God bless and protect you all
Hop Growers of Michigan
Hop Growers of Michigan6 days ago
Greetings All,
Thursday, November 15, 2018 is the very last day to pay 2018 dues. Thank you to everyone that got their membership up to date and in good standing. Invoices for 2019 will go out soon and will be payable then.
If your 2018 membership is not paid, you will be removed from the HGM and HGA membership list and will be unable to renew for 2019. Let's keep the momentum going! Lots of good things going on with Hop Growers of Michigan!
Hop Growers of Michigan
Hop Growers of Michigan2 weeks ago
Welcome to our newest members:

Joe Colyn- Originz.com "Verified Source Program"
Brad Wilson of Hopping it Up, in Manchester, MI.

Hoppy Trails!