Year: 2016

2016 Education

Hop Growers of Michigan’s summer farm tours this year are in the record books for 2016! The season for learning from the tours was excellent and the weather cooperated for everyone of them and plenty of knowledge was shared!

The importance for visiting and learning from commercial growers is a key effort that we believe is vital to understanding, what it takes to grow hops successfully. Right from the folks that are using growing practices for the highest yields and committed to quality.

Three farms this year opened their gates to the public. Many questions were answered by having the grower and equipment used right on sight. This year the three farms chosen were members of HGM that ranged in size and location within the state. High Five Hops of Marshall, Hop Head Farms Baroda location and Pine Ridge Farms of Custer.

A lot of planning and hard work goes into hosting a tour. We say THANK YOU for your hospitality and dedication to this industry!! Always great food… and of course beer brewed from the area with local hops consumed!!

2017 is looking to be another great year of education by HGM! If you are interested in hosting a tour next year please contact us…

Until then success to you and yours in growing the hop fields of your dreams through desire, hard work and education partnered with Hop Growers of Michigan!

Pam Miller

2016 Events

2nd Quarter HGM Board Meeting and Summer General Assembly
Backroom of Lansing Brewing Company
518 E. Shiawassee St.
Lansing, MI, 48912
Sunday, June 26, 2016 | 1–5pm
This will be the official second quarter meeting and a general assembly of all members and those interesting in becoming members. The meeting should take the first two hours with the second two hours being socializing and networking time.

2016 Farm Tours
High Five Hops
17310 H Dr. S, Marshall, MI 49068
Saturday, June 18, 2016 | 1–4 pm

Hop Head Farms
8924 Cleveland Ave., Baroda, MI, 49101
Saturday, July 16, 2016 | 1–4 pm

Pine Ridge Farms
2899 E. 1st Street, Custer, MI 49410
Saturday, August 6, 2016 | 1–4 pm

MSU IPM Scouting Demonstrations
Top Hops
9530 Ridge Rd, Goodrich, MI 48438
Thursday, July 7, 2016  |  4–6pm

Hop Head Farms
4630 W. Hickory Road, Hickory Corners, MI 49060
Thursday, July 14, 2016  |  4–6pm

Pure Mitten Hops
5559 Mill Road, Coopersville, MI 49404
Tuesday, July 26, 2016  |  4–6pm

Michigan Hop Alliance
5790 North Omena Rise, Omena, MI 49674
Thursday, August 11, 2016  |  4–6pm

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