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Hello to all!

Mark Trowbridge here, HGM Chairman. With the obvious cloud of Covid-19 hanging over all of us and with many events being canceled, I thought I should speak to the question some will ask: “why are we having an in-person membership meeting?” We’ve taken many things into consideration including feedback from the members that there is an interest in having a meeting, anticipated meeting attendance below 40 people, and [with us pulling the meeting ahead into October] the opportunity to conduct the meeting in a large open-air venue at Egypt Valley Hopyards. We ask that everyone plan to respect the social distance recommendations, wear a mask when appropriate, use hand sanitizer frequently, and so on. The Board Members and the Egypt Valley Team will do our best to make this a safe, fun, and productive day. For those of you who’d prefer to stay away, we respect that choice and will do our best to take good notes and pass along as much information as we can shortly after the meeting.    

Planned Agenda

o   Open meeting 12:00
o   Introductions
o   Membership status
o   Finances
o   Grants
o   MSU Extension Update
o   HGM Procedures, Record Keeping and Improved Board Member Transitions
o   Verified Source Program status / next steps
o   Web Site review, both Hop Growers of MI and Hop Growers of America
o   Annual Calendar for HGM
o   Member’s Show and Tell, an opportunity to share and learn
o   Open discussion and recommendations
o   Close Meeting


Egypt Valley Hopyards
3959 Egypt Valley Ave NE
Ada, MI 49301

RSVP: Please RSVP via email so we can plan a safely coordinated event.