Why Join?

  • There is strength in numbers and there are opportunities to make every one of us a more efficient, effective, and sustainable business.
  • To help us establish a reputation beyond our state borders for Michigan Grown Hops as being a high quality, consistent and reliable source of hops.
  • Support educational programs and instruction for growing commercial hop production in the state.
  • Facilitate grower best practice exchanges, sharing of techniques and knowledge for hop growing business success.
  • Enlist the technical and financial support of Michigan higher education institutions for research and development of hop horticulture and processing.
  • Apply for and receive grants and funding to promote, market and utilize Michigan hop crops.
  • Partner with other organizations to advance the interest of Michigan hop growers and craft brewing.
  • Undertake any other activity to advance the members’ interest in the promotion of Michigan hop producers.
  • Review legislation, regulations and advocate for public policy advancing the interest of the members.

2024 Membership Application