The further processing of leaf and/or baled hops, into pellets or other forms, for distribution and sale, is considered a food processing activity and compliance to food standards and law may be required. Please view the guide below to help understand those requirements.

Hop Processing Quality & Food Safety Guide


HGM Auditing Resources

For Processing Facility self-inspection and use by auditors this checklist is provided.  Operators are encouraged to use this tool in self assessing their operation’s quality and food safety processes. To earn the HGM “Verified Source” for a hop processing facility the operator will be required to have a third-party audit against these requirements.

HGM Processing Quality Audit Checklist


Feedback Wanted: Quality, Food Safety, and Process Optimization should be an ongoing effort. We value your input. Please provide your comments, critiques, suggestions, questions and other feedback to the SCBG Hop Quality Project Team for consideration in future editions of these resources. Thank you.